Who I Am

Until 2016 I had never painted, apart from in school with watercolours as a child which you had to do until you were about 9 (40+ years ago).

I have always loved colouring in and a few years ago I bought myself adult colouring books to help my depression.

I attended a painting group and the ladies paint in oil, acrylics and watercolour. So many varied works and techniques how could I not learn.

I love acrylics for its forgiving nature and its quick drying. Watercolours and oils I may try at a later date.

I find time just disappears, and yes, it is also helping my depression.

When summer comes you will find me in the front garden painting. At the moment I am painting on the back porch as it gets the afternoon sun and is lovely and bright.

When the lockdown is finished I will be going back to the beach and inland and painting!