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2 months into lockdown. 6 weeks to go before I may be back at work.  

During the #acrylicapril20 challenge I did 5 paintings, still going to paint more of them. Thanks to #theartsherpa for the ideas and tutorials.

I have new canvasses, neon and metallic paints and brushes. Waiting on more brushes and iridescent paints to arrive. 


Below you can see my paintings and learn a bit about me. The paintings are created because it relaxes me but also because some of the results are beautiful, some not so much. 

I have been living in Spain for a while now and it is a lovely country with lovely people and it is a great place to be for inspiration. 

We are now able to travel a bit further afield and as such I am looking for new landscapes to paint. 

Check back often to see my latest works.






My paintings

The pictures are in no particular order, however I have moved "Poppies" to the beginning as it is sold! The "Fairy on the Moon" I painted for a friends 60th, therefore I don't have it anymore. The "Palms at Sunset" I gave to a work colleague at my first work place in Spain.

All the others are either hanging downstairs in our lounge, or are stored in the studio waiting for a home. I have done an angel which I am not happy with it, however my husband likes it, so it hangs near him. 

The subject matter varies from places I have been to Moses our cat.

All have been a learning experience but as you can see they are all different, some better than others.

The pictures are signed when complete, anything unsigned is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.



Who I Am

Until 2016 I had never painted, apart from in school with watercolours as a child which you had to do until you were about 9 (40+ years ago).

I have always loved colouring in and a few months ago I bought myself adult colouring books to help my depression. 

I attended a painting group and the ladies paint in oil, acrylics and watercolour. So many varied works and techniques how could I not learn.

I love acrylics for its forgiving nature and its quick drying. Watercolours and oils I may try at a later date.

I find time just disappears, and yes, it is also helping my depression. 

When summer comes you will find me in the front garden painting. At the moment I am painting on the back porch as it gets the afternoon sun and is lovely and bright.

When the lockdown is finished I will be going back to the beach and inland and painting!



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